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Tools to power small-business lending

In the economy, capital markets are the meeting spaces where information is exchanged and business gets done. But if the right financial data isn’t communicated, small businesses — and the communities that depend on them — can miss great opportunities.

To help, we’ve expanded our MARQ™ portal to make it easier for businesses to share information electronically with lenders and for lenders to access insightful analytics that enable them to make better credit decisions, faster. The MARQ portal gathers critical information from the borrower and generates a MARQ credit score, along with supporting analysis, to help speed the decision process so that financial institutions can get critical funding in their customers’ hands faster.

The MARQ score is also provided through CashFlowTool.com, an easy-to-use web app that helps accounting professionals and small-business owners monitor and manage their cash flow and understand their credit position. CashFlowtool.com gives small businesses a clearer view of their financial health and empowers them with the know-how to act quickly on the decisions and tasks that need their attention. This positions them for growth and enables them to access capital when they need it.

Together, the MARQ portal and CashFlowTool.com give lenders the information they need to confidently extend loans, while offering small businesses simple tools to help create better financial insights.

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